Production follow-ups in Asia with quality controls on site and updated client reports, from the fabric production to the final


Your project,
our goal

We have two offices, one in Europe and the other in Asia; in this way we speed up and facilitate contact with our customers and guarantee the monitoring of all the phases of the production process, from the moment the order is placed until it reaches its destination, thus ensuring the fulfillment of our main objective: the satisfaction of our customers.

Our team negotiates the best prices for models and offers customers our selection of garments and fabrics.

The guarantee of the meticulous review on all details involved in the design of the garment allow us to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Offering direct and fast communication with our customers at all times makes us more efficient in the approval of color, fabric, pattern, model, measurements, accessories, labeling, etc. Finally, we sent a pre-production sample, a true reflection of what will be the final production.

Our main goal:
the satisfaction of our customers.

Open channel of communication with our customers at all time.

At Garma we ensure that the companies that are part of the project comply with corporate social responsibility and guarantee ethical labour practices. We work with professionals who are up to date with the latest technological innovations and apply them to their production, using the most advanced machinery.


Our experienced team oversees each process to ensure that the factories actually understand and carry out the customer’s approvals and directions.
The team also manages and processes all the necessary documentation for shipments and customs clearance in order to provide our clients with a fully integrated service that encompasses every aspect of the logistics process.